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eSEES is more than just a GUI for OpenSees, it's a full UI!

It'a a whole new User-Interface design that adds a layer of both scripting and graphic language to a finite-element analysis platform. The current implementation is for #OpenSees, but it can be expanded to other programs. It's almost more of a Model Manager.

You no longer define nodes and elements, you define geometries and structural components.

With eSEES, you only have to define the primary parameters, and let the program define default values (which you can change).

eSEES has build-in capabilities to define load patterns and run analyses in OpenSees and the click of a button!!!

It really is a new UI framework for numerical simulation and model management!!!

1-year License

Give it a try!

eSEES student -- a graphical and Scripting Interface for OpenSees 12month

  • 1-year License

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