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Silvia's Brainery LIVE!!!

Recording of Day 2: Introduction to OpenSees -- Build a 3D Frame in Python and Tcl

THURSDAY May 26, 10am PDT (California time) via Zoom

Registration: $29.99

In this session we will walk through building a 3D frame in OpenSees. Going from 2D, for which you will find many videos and examples, to 3D is a significant step because it requires planning and additional considerations. I will walk you through the process.

I will be going through the process in both Tcl and Python, as this will show the advantages of each interpreter.

Join me for this interactive event!

It's interactive, so come with questions!

Past Events:

Day 1: Leveraging Python's Versatility for Getting Started OpenSees

THURSDAY May 12, 10am PDT (California time) via Zoom

Integrating the many libraries available in Python, especially graphic ones, makes learning OpenSees so easy! I will show you how to do it and how fun it is!!

You can create your own functions, or use those shared by others. You can visualize all the components of your model as you build it -- nodes, elements, materials and fiber sections. This makes Python the only User Interface you'll ever need for OpenSees!

Tcl is a powerful scripting language, I love it, but not seamless in integrating graphics (I do love Tk) and packages (no PyPi) into your OpenSees model-building!

If you're not convinced, yet, I'll show you the beauty of Jupyter Notebooks!


Want to parallelize your ground-motion analyses? So simple in Python!


Join me for this interactive event where I introduce you to some good practices that will help you interact with OpenSees to the fullest using OpenSeesPy and Python.

It's interactive, so come with questions!

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