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saas-y Ground Motions
  • Search the NGA-West2 and NGA-Subduction databases with multiple scenarios seamlessly  and simultaneously!
  • Fully-Integrated USGS Design Maps & Disaggregation!
  • Compute recommended scale factors and spectrum-modification targets!
  • Choose from many ground-motion selection, scaling, & modification methods available, including Mean-Spectrum Modification and Spectrum-Resultant Matching!
  • User-friendly, self-documented, and intuitive Interface!
  • Integrate app into your workflow by using it as a REST API no need for the GUI.
  • Pay-per-use only -- no annual license fees!! Easy to charge to projects instead of overhead! (saas-y=software as a service)

This app requires TOKENS to operate in non-demo mode:

Buy more tokens to iterate on your ground-motion suite development.

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