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a Scripting & Graphical User Interface for OpenSees

eSEES is not a simple Graphical User Interface for OpenSees. It's a new paradigm of numerical-model management where the model consists all data and metadata, such as structural elements as well as analysis components.

To build this paradigm, I created a new high-level language where the user only has to specify high-level parameters. The internal program interprets this input, fill-in what is missing, and creates the simulation model, runs the analysis and post-processes the results. You never had to define nodal coordinates... While it is currently implemented only in OpenSees, it can be expanded to other platforms.

The eSEES interface has both a graphical and a scripting component, and these components are interchangeable. You can start building your model in the Graphical UI, you can then edit the script to build a more detailed model, and then you can go back to the Graphical UI to run the analyses and visualize the results.

eSEES started a long long time ago and I have been working on it every 31st of Octember (yes you read it right!)

The software is available in three prices so that I can keep the project financially sustainable while being able to make it accessible to students.

Please contact me for bulk licenses.

video demos: