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Brainery Bytes: Ground Motion & Hazard

Here is a new idea!!
In this space we will publish brief technical content via interactive WebMedia and WebApps on the user-friendly and versatile Jupyter Notebooks.Jupyter Notebooks are a great medium for interactive development and demonstration.

I have moved some of the Educational Brainery Bytes into the Pay-Per-View video section. These education videos are associated with a particular Brainery Byte. Click here to access the videos.

They are grouped into the following categories:
1. WebApps -- User friendly User Intefaces used to perform a specific task
2. WebDemos -- Documented scripts for proof/explanation of concepts
3. WebSamples -- Examples files to help you get started with fundamentals

Everyone is welcome to submit content! Please contact me.



Access the USGS Design Ground Motions WebServices through a WebApp that processes the output for you

It includes the latest: NEHRP 2020, as well as all other: ASCE-41 and ASCE-7 Design Spectra



Silvia Mazzoni

June 2021

THIS WEB APP IS Temporarily UNAVAILABLE! USGS Design Ground Motions WebServices: Python Interpreter
by Silvia Mazzoni


This Notebook shows you how to use Python to access the USGS Design Ground Motions WebServices. It is a more explicit example than the webapp

Here is a video to accompany this Brainery Byte:



Silvia Mazzoni

January 2022

Elastic Response Spectra by Amir.JPG


My first link to someone else's GitHub Repository!

This is a great place to get started with computing response spectra!

This Notebook computes the response spectra for a ground motion at various damping ratios.


Amir Hossein Namadchi

April 2020

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