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The OpenSees Support Group

Pavan Chigullapally and his colleagues in New Zealand host bi-weekly meetings with presentations and discussions on OpenSees. Please click on his name to visit his page on this web site (Under People) to view recordings of past meetings. If you would like receive notifications about these meetings, please fill out the form below.

The next OpenSees Support Group meeting is at 11 AM on Tuesday 15th December NZ Standard Time (2 PM, Monday, 14th December, Pacific time). This time Professor Michael Scott from Oregon State University is going to present. In this session he will be speaking about: "How to add UniaxialMaterial to OpenSees" "UniaxialMaterials are used in many contexts across the OpenSees software framework, from fiber sections to truss and zero-length elements. This presentation will cover the main points of programming your own UniaxialMaterial, including state determination, commit state, parsing the input, and sending/receiving the material over a channel for parallel computing applications." The structure of the meeting will be: 1) Presentation 2) Discussion with audience

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