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Marios Panagiotou, PhD, PE
Dr. Marios Panagiotou (PhD, PE) is a Senior Consultant at Nabih Youssef Associates in Los Angeles and founder of the Online School of Earthquake Resilient Design. His engineering practice work focuses on the advanced nonlinear seismic analysis and design of large, complex, earthquake resilient, and seismically isolated structures including high-rise buildings, and stadiums. Between 2008 and 2015 he was an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at UC Berkeley (UCB) conducting research on the seismic analysis, design, and experimental testing of RC structures, as well as on earthquake-resilient buildings and bridges that use seismic isolation, rocking components, and high-performance materials. His PhD studies on the seismic design, analysis, and shake-table testing (at UCSD) of a full-scale 7-story building received the 2012 ASCE Alfred Noble prize. As UCB faculty, he led a major research project that included the largest shake-table tests of soil-rocking foundation-superstructure systems ever conducted in US. He also worked on large-scale experimental seismic testing programs of RC components and earthquake-resilient bridge columns. He has published 23 journal papers, and 60 conference papers and technical reports. He has taught graduate courses at UCB, UCLA, and USC. He was a member of the NIST-FEMA Functional Recovery Project Review Panel. He is co-developer of the computational framework BTM-FEMP for the advanced seismic analysis of RC buildings.