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Performance-based Seismic Analysis of Building Structures using CSI PERFORM 3D v8.0.0
with Prof. Fawad A. Najam


We welcome you to this video lecture series on "Performance-based Seismic Analysis of Buildings using PERFORM 3D". In this series, the instructor will demonstrate the use of PERFORM 3D for nonlinear modeling and analysis of building structures. We hope that the lecture series will be useful for students and practicing engineers.

We do recommend that you watch these videos in order, as each one assumes you have watched the previous ones.

We will continue to upload new videos as Prof. Najam produces them. Expect a series of over 20 videos.

Dr. Fawad A. Najam is currently an Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering at NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), H ‐ 12 Islamabad, Pakistan. He has received Doctor of Engineering degree in Structural Engineering from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) Thailand. His research work is focused on the evaluation of nonlinear seismic demands of high‐rise buildings using the simplified analysis procedures. His areas of interests include earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, seismic performance evaluation of tall buildings, nonlinear modeling of structures, software development, and seismic hazard and vulnerability assessment.

Dr. Najam holds an experience of over 10 years in the structural modeling, analysis and design of buildings, bridges and other structures. He has conducted professional trainings for over 1000 professionals in several countries in research areas related to structural analysis, design, dynamic analysis, and nonlinear analysis etc. He has also remained involved in the development of several software for structural engineering applications, including earthquake resistant design, structural detailing etc.

He may be contacted at NUST Institute of Civil Engineering (NICE) at National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), H ‐ 12 Islamabad, Pakistan. E-mails:, or

For more information, please visit:, or

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