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In the days of hard work, I do work that is hard!
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If it can be programmed, I have done so!  I speak Italian, Spanish, English, Tcl/Tk, Excel/VBA, MSAccess/VBA, Python, R, & Matlab.

I am working on a variety of tools to support Performance-Based Design.





Looking for technical consulting on your project? If I can't provide the support myself, I will team up with just the right individuals.



I have started an on-line academy with the goal of building a community of experts sharing knowledge to achieve understanding.

I also have a popular YouTube Channel with free videos.




On-Line Academy: Silvia's Brainery

This initiative has become a great collaborative effort!!!! We have all types of training courses and our list of contributors is growing!  

Here are the overviews of some of the courses we offer:



Through the years I have developed several tools. Some, such as those done at the University, are for public access, while others were developed for use by clients. 

The most-widely used tool is the PEER Ground-Motion Database Portal:


My favorite video:

This may be my favorite of my many video productions! Still, check out my channel for more-educational videos!


eSEES user

Your eSees is really awesome as  i am new user of opensees, it is really super easy and very powerful software.

YouTube Fan

Dear Silvia Mazzoni, You are doing a great job. Also, you did a lot for the OpenSees community. Thank you so much.




Silvia's Brainery Students

Hi Silvia! I just started following your lectures. They are fantastic and very clear! Just wanted to say a big thank you!

Thank you so much, Silvia, for your creative initiatives! I highly recommend anyone who has an interest in Earthquake Engineering to check Silvia's Brainery.


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