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Looking for technical consulting on your project? I'll lead a team that is just right to meet your needs!


If it can be programmed, I am in!  I speak Italian, Spanish, English, Tcl/Tk, Excel/VBA, MSAccess/VBA, Python, R, & Matlab.

I am working on a variety of tools to support Performance-Based Design.


I have founded an on-line academy with the goal of building a community of experts sharing knowledge to achieve understanding.

One-on-One Sessions are very effective, too.

I also have a popular YouTube Channel with free videos.


YouTube has started placing ads on my videos without compensation so I have moved my most valuable  videos. They are now here as Pay-Per-View Videos or in full courses in the Academy. All payments go directly to support creating new content! 



"Thank you for being a generous resource this quarter. Your illustrative teaching and the applications you provided made the dynamics concepts easier to understand. In lecture, you often preceded the derivation steps with "Yay" -- a word that is the newest addition to our vocabulary banks and will forever be the way we approach dynamics and 2021! 

Getting to learn from you was a dirac delta function -- small amount of time (quarter system) but so much impact! I look forward to continuing to learn from you, through your innovative YouTube videos."  -- UCLA Student in Structural Dynamics

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